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Business Intelligence

Managing the Payments Process

Learn more about how youcan manage your payments process to take advantage of this untapped opportunity to improve cash flow and reduce risk.
Business Intelligence

Driving Value Creation Using Break-even Economics

Break-even analysis is a straightforward approach for driving business operations improvement focus. We discuss how operating partners can leverage break-even analysis to create sustainable value in their target business transformations.
Business Intelligence

Corporate Interest Restriction

In what is one of the most fundamental changes to U.K. tax law of the last decade, the government is to introduce a new regime effective from 1 April 2017 that restricts the tax deductions that are available for interest expense based on a percentage of the U.K. group’s EBITDA.
Business Intelligence

Fresh Start Accounting

Companies emerging from bankruptcy may be required to apply fresh start accounting. A&M provides a comprehensive suite of services, to advise and assist companies in adopting this non-routine area of accounting and reporting – allowing management to focus on the post-emergence business.
Industry Reports

Energy Brochure

Declining energy prices and changing supply and demand dynamics create a more complex environment than the energy industry has ever seen before.

Financial Services Brochure

A&M helps our financial services clients stay ahead of the most pressing issues of the day. Whether you are looking to manage regulatory and compliance risk, maximize the value of your technology investments, enhance cybersecurity defenses, unlock value in underperforming assets or improve the customer experience, A&M can help.

Public Sector CFO Services

More is expected of today’s finance executives. The days of simply overseeing the traditional finance, budget and accounting functions of an organization are long gone.
Business Intelligence

A&M Prime

A&M PRIME™ provides a unique, creative, flexible, and cost-effective program to assist an employer in recruiting, retaining, motivating and rewarding key management and professional medical talent.
Business Intelligence

Compensation Analytics

Many executive benefit programs are developed one plan at a time and without a consistent approach or vision. The result is a patchwork of benefits that may leave gaps in coverage or overlap with needless expense.