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July 31, 2019

It’s all about growth. That’s the mantra of private and public tech companies as they seek higher and higher valuations.  Whether it's the latest unicorn waiting for its turn at the opening bell, a decade old SaaS company looking to sustain double-digit increases in revenue, or a new generation of digital entrepreneurs aiming to disrupt an industry, growth remains king.  Almost as consuming is the healthy paranoia that a competitor’s innovation or cutthroat strategy will upend a promising growth story, steal customers, and send talent and investors running.  All in a normal day’s work in the booming tech industry. 

Increasingly though, potentially disruptive headwinds cast doubt on the long tech boom. Fears of a U.S. recession, the China trade wars, tariffs, Brexit, geo-political instabilities, new data restrictions and antitrust-driven break ups are challenging tech’s growth trajectory.


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