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February 15, 2018

The AAA is the most comprehensive statistical analysis of its kind. The analysis was initially undertaken in June 2017 with a focus on 1,170 corporates with a market capitalization of USD $250 million or more in the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland and Scandinavia. In the latest September update this analysis has been extended to also include Benelux and Italy, and now covers 1,564 corporates. The resulting predictive model successfully predicted 58 percent of corporates publicly targeted by activists since January 2015. Individual companies can check their position on the Alert List by contacting A&M.

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September 2017
The A&M Activist Alert finds U.K. corporates 32 percent more likely to be targeted than those in other major European markets. Boards now have less than two years to deliver improved performance. Read more.

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