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A company was looking to strategically assess their current executive compensation and benefits arrangements. They were looking for compensation structures designed to optimize individual and firm performance results.

A&M implemented AIM Hire™ (Align, Incentivize, and Motivate), a suite of strategic tools to assist tailoring comprehensive executive compensation and benefits programs to meet specific objectives.

Our solution included the following:

  1. We tailored a proprietary interactive analytical financial model (IAFM™), to generate visual dashboards for each client’s unique needs, which: drill down results from summary to segments, to single data points; filter results across disparate data sources for comprehensive analysis; and highlight results across different views to find relationships in the data.
  2. Built upon the IAFM platform, AIM Hire™ analyzes data under various interactive “what if” scenarios, and can benchmark each element against other appropriate companies , considering specific entity-industry, size, and geographic profiles.

    Components typically include:
  • Base salary
  • Short- and Long-term Incentive Awards
  • Executive Benefits
  • Other Benefits/Perks
  • Productivity Metrics

As a result:

  • AIM Hire explored the impact of various executive compensation and benefits arrangements based on individual job function and responsibilities.
  • Existing compensation and benefits programs were optimized to help the Company achieve maximum results.
  • The new program has clearly demonstrated improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness and was easier to understand for participants.