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Strategies designed for economy and high performance

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Americans’ love affair with the automobile has transcended Motor City and is rampant worldwide. But the economic downturn and recent revelations regarding safety and emissions continue to hinder manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, who are eager to move forward.

Our C-suite and top management professionals support you through the most critical challenges and up every step of the value chain.

Take charge.
It’s increasingly difficult to keep loyal customers and attract new ones while improving the cost side of your business. This is where A&M excels. We understand revenue enhancement, production efficiency, purchasing excellence, IT transformation and after-sales initiatives. Our services guide you to improved EBIT performance and sustainable growth.

Take action.
Our motivated experts bring a sense of urgency and accountability to every task we undertake for you, and our success has been road-tested with automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. If you’re ready to transform your operations, catapult growth and accelerate results, count on us for decisive action, and shift into overdrive.