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Higher education: Optimize facilities to support your academic mission

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Public and private colleges and universities are in competition to sustain growth despite declining enrollment and limited funding. Campuses must evolve to operate more efficiently while meeting the needs of current and prospective students, faculty, staff and donors. Colleges and universities must optimize the use of their limited debt ceiling and funding capacity. 

A&M has the blueprint for your success and longevity. We work with higher education leaders to plan, deliver, and operate on- and off-campus housing and non-housing facilities.

Financing and delivering modern, attractive, functional and accessible facilities.
We quickly apply improvements across your portfolio, focusing on housing, labs, sports complexes and other amenities. We act as your agent so you can focus on education while we cater to your needs, including:

  • Assessing your current real estate portfolio to identify improvement opportunities
  • Developing plans to optimize and transform current assets, in accordance with campus master plans
  • Evaluating and executing P3s, alternative funding and construction mechanisms
  • Monetizing underutilized assets to address deferred maintenance and reinvest in mission-critical programs
  • Advising on transactions, including partner selection and lease or sale negotiations
  • Replacing or renovating inefficient, outdated facilities

P3 Done Right: Unlocking Value from Institutional Real Estate and Infrastructure Assets