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Valuation Tax

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A critical component of many tax planning strategies is a well documented, supportable valuation analysis, especially considering that valuations conducted for tax purposes must be of a standard to meet regulatory scrutiny.  To address this important demand, at A&M we have a team of dedicated tax valuation professionals who are part of the A&M Taxand practice, the largest independent international tax firm outside the Big Four accounting firms. Our tax valuation experts have in-depth experience conducting valuations for a variety of tax purposes.

Whether you are conducting a reorganization of legal entities, involved in a merger or acquisition, contemplating IP migration, implementing gift and estate tax planning, buying or constructing a building, or issuing intercompany debt, A&M Taxand’s dedicated tax valuation professionals possess the requisite expertise to provide a supportable valuation analysis that conforms with the myriad nuances of conducting valuations for tax purposes.

A&M always gives you access to the best. Each project team is led by one of our highly experienced tax valuation partners, while working closely with our broader tax team to ensure the engagement is conducted with maximum efficiency.  Close coordination with the tax team is vital to ensure the assumptions applied in the valuation analysis and the resulting value do not contradict any tax positions.  This will provide you with seamless engagement integration, recognizing that valuation is a critical component to a much larger tax and commercial picture.

A&M has developed a full-service tax valuation offering. Services offered by our valuation practice are:

  • Intercompany reorganization/restructuring
  • Section 385 - Intercompany debt analyses
  • Cost segregation
  • Transaction allocations – IRC Sections 338,1060. IRC Section 409A
  • Related party intellectual property transfers
  • IRC Section 280(g) – non compete agreements
  • FIRPTA testing
  • NOL limitation and built in gains
  • Preferred stock coupon rates
  • Interest expense apportionment for foreign tax credit reporting
  • Gift and estate tax

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