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Loan portfolio advisory services: Create value

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Lingering pools of troubled assets and increased regulatory requirements present unique challenges for financial institutions and opportunities for investors.

We create value at every stage of the loan lifecycle, with unique insight into secured and unsecured loans, performing and non-performing loans, as well as real estate owned assets (REOs).

We provide advisory services for sovereigns, national competent authorities, resolution authorities, financial institutions and private investors in the setup, segregation, carve out, sale and acquisition of non-core assets.

Financial Institutions

Origination and Underwriting

  • Design and review of underwriting models, policies and procedures

Monitor and Control

  • Design and implementation of early warning systems, dashboards and management reports

Strategic Options Review and Deleveraging Plan

  • Strategic options review
  • Portfolio segmentation
  • Capital impact analysis
  • Deleveraging plan
  • Bad / good bank design and set-up

Internal Work-Out

  • Review and analysis of the work-out units and recommendations
  • Interim management roles


Transaction Advisory

  • Transaction advice
  • Deal structuring
  • Sale preparation and support
  • Data quality and remediation
  • Loan portfolio due diligence and valuation
  • Financial, operational, regulatory and real estate diligence
  • Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) advice

  • Investor sourcing

  • Asset Quality Review (AQR) advisory

Post-Sale Servicing
Servicer review, selection and performance benchmarking

  • Support with portfolio monitoring and recovery enhancement measures
  • Borrower strategy review and restructuring support
  • Interim management roles


Best Practices For Effectively Managing Non-Performing Loans