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Integrated Demand and Supply Planning

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As market competition continues to intensify around the globe, companies with highly developed demand and supply planning capabilities will start to distinguish themselves by consistently meeting customer requirements. Often referred to as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Integrated Demand and Supply Planning represents a more pragmatic approach that requires a cross-functional process of effectively matching demand requirements with supply capabilities in order to achieve service levels and inventory targets while successfully managing supply chain risks.

Clients call us when:

  • An imbalance between demand requirement and operations’ capabilities drive the need for stronger planning and transparency across the supply chain;
  • Meeting existing or future service level requirements is challenging;
  • Production planning and execution are disconnected from customer need, which has cause reactive behavior;
  • There is excess or wrong inventory, as well as low customer fulfillment;
  • Inventory costs are increasing faster than revenue and/or are higher than competitors;
  • Your organization is data-rich but insight poor or developing an actionable plan from available data is difficult;
  • Assets and/or mobile fleet are not effectively utilized to maximize return on invested capital; and
  • Capital planning processes and projects are fraught with delays and overruns and still fail to achieve expected returns or objectives.

Core Services Include:

  • Sales and Operations Planning
    • Integrated Collaborative Planning
    • Operations Planning Improvement
    • Sales and Operations Planning Effectiveness
  • Inventory Management
    • Inventory Strategy
    • Inventory Analytics
  • Asset Management
    • Capital Investment Planning and Program Management
    • Fleet Performance Improvement
    • Asset Lifecycle Management