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Manage change and align your workforce

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During a merger or acquisition, your employees need to be aligned with key business strategies in order to improve performance and increase revenue. We create integration strategies that engage your current and acquired workforces and mitigate performance and retention issues that can derail your deal's success.

Manage change with minimal impact to operations.
Our bottom line is to maintain your talent, engagement and culture through pre-deal and post-deal support.

 Clients call us during a merger or acquisition when they:

  • Need to evaluate the financial impact of human capital considerations.
  • Are looking to capitalize on labor or HR department synergies.
  • Want to significantly improve HR operations of newly acquired entities and the consolidation of labor and non-labor costs.
  • Need a strategy to stand-up a new entity when the transaction resulted in the purchase of assets without an HR infrastructure.
  • Want to retain high employee engagement and top talent while harmonizing HR programs.

We address the following core elements of a high-performance HR function:

  • Pre-acquisition buy-side or sell-side HR due diligence
  • HR input to financial diligence or quality of earnings
  • Post-merger integration, leading the Project Management Office for the HR department
  • Carve-out support, including the design and stand-up of a new HR department 
  • Compensation, benefits and policy harmonization
  • HR service coverage via transition services agreements
  • Input into transaction documentation, including purchase agreement
  • Golden parachute calculations
  • Interim HR management