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Human capital risk: Manage and mitigate risk exposure

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Rising human capital costs, regulatory changes and workforce management trends can all weigh on your business’s wellbeing and efficiency. We improve operating performance by facilitating strategy development, generating administrative efficiencies, enhancing health management and optimizing clinical outcomes.

We measure and manage your human capital risk exposure by aligning HR policies, operations and benefits with your business strategy, protecting you from unexpected obligations and losses.

Clients call us when they need to:

  • Improve benefits program performance while lowering costs.
  • Understand compliance risks and mitigate unexpected litigation / penalties.
  • Develop strategies to maximize organizational efficiency.
  • Enhance relationships with vendor and broker partners.
  • Tailor all resolutions to the organization’s unique needs and challenges.
  • Get an objective, unbiased perspective.

We mitigate human capital risks including:

  • Failure to attract / retain employees
  • Healthcare reform and other regulatory changes
  • Benefit program performance and management
  • Cost of severed employees
  • Absenteeism / presenteeism
  • Accident / injury
  • DOL / IRS / ERISA compliance issues
  • Claims and enrollment fraud

Our services include:

  • Interim management / strategic planning
  • Developing competitive benefits programs
  • Managing rising costs of health insurance and retiree liability
  • Planning merger consolidations
  • Broker / actuary / vendor evaluation and sourcing
  • Compliance advisory / Affordable Care Act strategy
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Financial turnaround of self-funded programs
  • Performance improvement of claims management, underperforming vendors and benefits administration