See the world.

See the world.

What is Global Mobility at A&M?

Our success as an organization demands leaders with broad perspectives, deep expertise and proven performance. Global Mobility provides  our current employees the opportunity to develop their capabilities right within  Alvarez & Marsal.

International assignments contribute to Alvarez & Marsal’s talent strategy and help to drive transformation. With collaboration across the world, assignments are business-driven to meet the needs of our customers and help us achieve competitiveness and growth in the various markets we serve. At A&M, we make change happen by deploying leaders with industry experience as well as by aligning assignments with our talent agenda, shaping our future leaders with professional growth and development need to achieve success.

Employee Testimonials

“I always wanted to work internationally, and was pleasantly surprised when I learned that it was a possibility with A&M. In my fifth year working with A&M in the US, I pursued the opportunity to relocate to London for a secondment. Now, as I am wrapping up my third year with the firm in London, I can honestly say that the experience has changed my perspective on A&M, my approach to client work, and my personal development landscape.

“Working with large corporate clients in the US, I did not have much direct exposure to the challenges inherent to cross-continental projects (languages, cultural differences, FX impacts, etc.), and I also did not work with non-corporate clients. My three years of secondment have given me the opportunity to work with four large corporates driving global transformation initiatives, as well as four private equity clients managing carve-outs and merger integration. Combined with the long-term project experience I gained in the US, I now have a toolkit that is much broader than I would have developed in eight years of work at most other firms, giving me (and A&M) a unique perspective when it comes to client delivery.

“Working across offices and regions has also given me a tangible understanding of how ‘Big A&M’ is much more powerful than individuals and internal teams. The benefit of being connected across geographies and business units has been made evident when it comes time to pitch for a global mandate or deliver complex, cross-functional work. I have experienced first-hand how much more powerful the A&M offer is when we tap into our full network of experiences, contacts and skillsets – it is much easier to do this when personal relationships exist between individuals in various offices and teams.” - Kelsey McKee, A&M Corporate Performance Improvement, LLC

“I have been participating in the secondment program within A&M Private Equity Performance Improvement (NYC) since November of 2016 and it’s been great so far, both professionally and personally. The opportunity to work abroad forces you to get out of your comfort zone and it gives you the experience of a new work and life culture, which to me has been a very interesting and mind-opening experience.

“In less than a year, I have already had the opportunity to work on several assignments within Private Equity Performance Improvement (which is a line of service that doesn't exist yet in A&M Brazil), and expand my network connections greatly, inside and outside A&M.

"This exposure makes me feel more prepared and better positioned for my career progression within A&M. I now have a much better understanding of A&M as a firm, our progression in this field and the multitude of ways that we can add value to our customers. This understanding has definitely made me feel more engaged with the company.” - Marcelo Goulart, A&M Private Equity Performance Improvement, LLC

“I was part of a cross border project between Europe, US and South America. I had the unique opportunity to connect with different cultures, different challenges, different colleagues but always feeling at home within A&M people. Now it’s almost three years since I moved from the Italian restructuring practice to US North America Restructuring and it has been a fantastic experience in every aspect. I had the opportunity to be part of international projects, meet new colleagues and learn how to handle new challenges at work. I’m sure this experience will help me a lot along my way as a professional and as a man, but, in the meanwhile, it also helped to get a promotion.

“Everything kicked off when I got a call from an English managing director, asking me to join a project based in Turin for an American tier-1 automotive supplier…and after 3 months I was on the same project but I was in Brazil with the management of the local subsidiary having a call with the Scottish group’s CFO based in Detroit. That project really gave me the opportunity to experience the real meaning of global mobility.

“I remember the first time I had the opportunity to join a real Chapter 11 restructuring case I was a little scared and worried about handling something I only had the chance to study on the books. I rolled up my sleeves, got down to it... and had help from my new colleagues when I was in need. They were great in helping me to overcome initial difficulties and succeed. That’s what it means to be on the same team! And now, after two years of experience here in the US, I’m ready to return the favor.” - Angelo Pietrosanti, A&M North America, LLC

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