Omnichannel and eCommerce

Internet, mobile and social technologies are blurring the lines between customer interfaces. For retailers, this means developing capabilities through which a customer can smoothly execute transactions across a range of channels.

A&M’s operational experts, former industry and executives responsible for building groundbreaking businesses, understand the importance of empowering customers to be served on their own terms. Working with your organization, our professionals can help to increase customer retention, improve the customer experience and drive customer satisfaction, while eliminating non-value added activities and pinpointing areas for growth. Our insights will also foster greater organizational agility, producing a continuous stream of real-time insights to enable quick and informed decisions.

We help clients drive, scale and improve operations in the following five key areas:

  • Site Experience and Operations
  • Digital Platforms
  • Customer Fulfillment and Support
  • Online Marketing and Merchandising
  • Data and Analytics