Real Estate

How can A&M Real Estate Advisory Services ("A&M REAS") help your company – anywhere in the world? Today’s real estate landscape is more complex than ever – sovereign debt burdens, defaults and deleveraging, regulatory compliance, long-range sustainability and creative re-use, alignment between asset management strategy and property management implementation, and billions of dollars of dry powder looking for the optimal risk-adjusted return opportunities. A&M Real Estate Advisory Services professionals are experienced at addressing all of these issues and more.

A&M REAS is a global team of experienced real estate, finance and operations professionals who assist companies to design and implement  value enhancing real estate solutions. Our professionals are adept at listening to our clients’ concerns and aligning with their interests. At A&M we deliver results, not reports, with a range of action-oriented and results-driven services.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A&M is at the forefront of applying best‐in‐class GIS technologies and analytical techniques to help our clients make more informed decisions. GIS enables visualization of limitless types of data over a defined geography. Our GIS capability combined with our industry experience enables our professionals to understand, explain and illustrate complex real estate issues. Why do some properties perform better than others? What socio‐economic and real estate factors explain and predict store sales, apartment occupancies, land development lot sales, or seniors housing absorption patterns? What is the optimal mix of investment by location, asset type or class…which meets specific investment and risk criteria?

Enhanced Value Network (EVN)™

A&M REAS is the founding member of the Enhanced Value Network (EVN) – a virtual platform that provides a seamless entry point to leading worldwide real estate service providers on a non‐exclusive basis. Our EVN partners have been selected based on their commitment to the same core values as A&M, as well as their innovative industry solutions. Together with our EVN partners, we are committed to providing a seamless continuum of services around the world.