A&M Tax Advisor Weekly (US)


2016-Issue 12—On April 4, 2016, the IRS and Treasury released two sets of proposed and temporary regulations that caused various taxpayers, investment bankers and large sectors of the inv


2016-Issue 10—To understand compensation practices in the energy sector, specifically for exploration and production (E&P) companies, Alvarez & Marsal’s Executive Compensation and


2016-Issue 9—Chapters 3-32 and 4-156 of the Municipal Code of Chicago impose tax on personal property leases and amusement transactions, respectively.


2016-Issue 8—A common provision in many restricted stock unit (RSU) awards is that vesting will accelerate when a participant becomes eligible to retire, after having reached a certain ag


2016-Issue 7—Executive compensation continues to be bombarded with scrutiny by shareholders, shareholder advisory firms, politicians and the media.


2016-Issue 6—If you haven’t heard, the latest installment of the Star Wars saga arrived in theaters in mid-December.


2016-Issue 5—While it is anyone’s guess what tax reform or the Obama Administration’s FY17 budget will bring for the long-standing Section 1031 tax-free exchange, as we begin a new year i


2016-Issue 4—In past articles, we have discussed the increased corporate interest in unlocking shareholder value via real estate investment trust (REIT) conversion transactions (see “REIT


2016-Issue 3—Over the last year, the energy sector has been plagued with low commodity prices.


2016-Issue 2—We have been dealing with a lot of aggressive auditors lately — not just aggressive from the standpoint of inflexibility on audit assessments, but aggressive in seeking to di