A&M Tax Advisor Weekly (US)


2015-Issue 22—All of this has happened before, and this will all happen again.


2015-Issue 21—A common structure for U.S.-based multinationals entails the use of holding companies in certain jurisdictions such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland or Luxembourg.


2015-Issue 20—In the years since Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code was first implemented, most practitioners have become comfortable with the idea that a document failure may be r


2015-Issue 19—The subject of master limited partnerships (MLPs) has made its way back into the tax headlines recently because of the Treasury and IRS’s issuance of proposed regulations in


2015-Issue 18—In case you have missed the financial headlines, there is an ongoing heavyweight bout in the federal tax controversy arena that we should all be watching with interest.


2015-Issue 17—The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB or Board) has embarked on a simplification initiative to identify, evaluate and improve areas of GAAP for which the cost and c


2015-Issue 16—Many IRS compliance forms ask for a taxpayer to disclose the fair market value and adjusted basis of certain assets, specifically in the international tax compliance arena.


2015-Issue 15—Everyone loves good surprises. Examples of good surprises include the following (not an all-encompassing list): surprise puppies, surprise gold, surprise unicorns, etc.


2015-Issue 14—The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is working on a project to simplify accounting and tax accounting for stock-based compensation under Accounting Standards Cod


2015-Issue 13—As companies continue to grapple with how to grow revenues, reduce costs and remain competitive in today’s global economy, corporate tax departments frequently find themselv