A&M Tax Advisor Weekly (US)


2015-Issue 16—Many IRS compliance forms ask for a taxpayer to disclose the fair market value and adjusted basis of certain assets, specifically in the international tax compliance arena.


2015-Issue 15—Everyone loves good surprises. Examples of good surprises include the following (not an all-encompassing list): surprise puppies, surprise gold, surprise unicorns, etc.


2015-Issue 14—The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is working on a project to simplify accounting and tax accounting for stock-based compensation under Accounting Standards Cod


2015-Issue 13—As companies continue to grapple with how to grow revenues, reduce costs and remain competitive in today’s global economy, corporate tax departments frequently find themselv


2015-Issue 12—There are a number of reasons why a company might consider moving its corporate headquarters, relocating key operations or outsourcing certain aspects of its business.


2015-Issue 11—The U.S. economy is constantly fluctuating, which makes for an ever-changing landscape in corporate America.


2015-Issue 10—Often, Subchapter K, the codification of partnership taxation, can involve deemed t


The Internal Revenue Service is focused on closing the tax gap. One way it hopes to do so is by collecting under-withheld employment taxes.


2015-Issue 8—In a previous article, we discussed the ability to claim an ordinary loss on the abandonment of a partnership interest or upon the worthlessness of the partnership interest (


2015-Issue 7—In four related cases (the partners were all general partners in the same partnership, and the cases were stipulated to and decided together), the Tax Court was faced with de