Corporate Governance Advisory

A Step Ahead: Corporate Governance Consulting Services

Trends in public policy, shareholder powers and activism place increasingly complex interlinked demands for transparency and accountability from corporate board structures and functions.

Directors’ personal vulnerability to regulatory compliance and corporate governance issues, enhanced by expanded whistleblower incentives, requires greater attention to actively settle the governance oversight framework for managing the risk pyramid, while optimizing business opportunities.

A&M’s reputation as a leading global professional services firm informs our action-oriented perspective. Our in-depth risk intelligence supports the execution of your company’s efforts in meeting time and resource intensive governance issues obligations.

There are no simple formulas in an uncertain global marketplace. Given each company’s unique needs, A&M specifically tailors its course of action to your board’s responsibilities across the governance spectrum. We know and understand the results of governance negligence and omissions, and work with your team to minimize risk and maximize proactive assessment and action. 

A Step Ahead: Corporate Governance Consulting services include:

  • Rapid Assessment
  • Board Composition / Performance Evaluation
  • Risk Definition, Tolerance and Oversight
  • Executive Succession Planning
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Crisis Management
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Compliance